Leondrino for Wealth Managers

Below is a list of upcoming webinars hosted by Leondrino. Theses webinars are a great opportunity to hear from Leondrino customers how their branded digital currencies will contribute to their strategic goals. You will get exclusive insights of attractive investment targets in the new asset class of corporate currencies.

Moreover, we discuss with partners the state of the upcoming digital currency market and the future of payments in a multi-currency environment.

Upcoming Webinar

EMC - The Climate Protection Token:
The power of consumers through selection of
digital means of payment

December 11, 2020 – 14:00 CET

Moderator: Peter Reuschel (CEO Leondrino Deutschland)

Guests: Nicole Krüttgen (Chargepartner Network)

Benefit from our Leondrino standard contracts for token purchases and convertible loans.

Portfolio Optimzation for Your Customers

  • Low or uncorrelated returns with other assets
  • High potential returns
  • Inflation hedging

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Webinar Recordings

LEAF token -
Invest into the Future of Digital Gastronomy (Sep 2020 - German)

September 15, 2020 – 16:00 

Moderator: Peter Reuschel (CEO Leondrino Germany)

Guests: Patrick Neulinger and Patrick Marksteiner (both Founders/Managing Directors of Leaf Systems GmbH)